Haircuts for Miniature Goldendoodle 

Miniature Goldendoodle, a designer breed, is very popular among dog lovers. This breed combines the loyalty of the Golden Retriever with the intelligence of the Miniature Poodle.  These furry babies come in various coats and colors. These coats are hypoallergenic because of their Miniature Poodle heritage. So these pups are safe for those who suffer from canine allergies.

Different coat types make them unique among all dog breeds. But to keep their coat healthy and maintained, all they need is regular grooming. Regular grooming is essential for these cute little puppies. With lengths ranging from shaved to extremely long, you may have your Goldendoodle trimmed to almost any desired appearance. As their coat type varies from straight to curled, to avoid hair tangling, they need regular brushing.

Haircuts for Miniature Goldendoodle 

In this article, we will share some grooming tips and haircuts for your puppy that may help you maintain their coat. Let’s have a look.

Most Popular Haircuts for Miniature Goldendoodle 

The main reason for the popularity of this hybrid breed is their different coat types. These cute little puppies come in various coat types. As there are different generations of this breed, every generation has a different coat type. This depends on their parents and genes. These puppies come in straight, curled, and wavy coats. To maintain their coat types, regular grooming and maintenance are primary factors.

A haircut showcases the personality of your Miniature Goldendoodle. So, in the following section, we have mentioned some of the top haircuts and grooming tips for these haircuts. You may choose any of these depending on your preference and your Mini Goldendoodle’s personality. Let’s dive into it. 

The Puppy Cut 

The puppy cut is the most popular haircut for your puppy. For this haircut, the groomers trim all body hair to one-half to three-quarter inches long, except the hair on the head, which is rounded. The tail is trimmed short to medium-length. The ear hair is trimmed short and feathered. And lastly, the feet are trimmed round. This results in a puppy cut.

This haircut does not need much maintenance. This haircut looks so adorable on a Goldendoodle. But this is not a perfect haircut for those who prefer long hair length for their puppies. In this haircut, the hair length is reduced to very short, so it can be managed and groomed easily at home. This does not require frequent visits to the professional groomer.

The Teddy Bear Cut 

The teddy bear cut is the most basic and trending haircut for Mini Goldendoodles. It gives your puppy a teddy bear look. If you want a shot and fluffy fur that can be easily manageable, this haircut is perfect for your puppy. This haircut gives your puppy’s coat a uniform length with a round face. 

It is a full-body trim that is between 0.5-2 inches long. A professional hair groomer will use a fully hand-scissor technique. This gives them a shaggy Goldendoodle haircut. This method offers a longer length for this haircut, between 3-6 inches. 

This haircut can be tagged as a high-maintenance cut, and frequent visits to a professional groomer are required. This also requires regular grooming and maintenance at home. You need to brush your puppy’s hair daily at home.

The Poodle Cut

The poodle haircut is ideal for those owners who want their dogs to seem trendy with a touch of poodle flare. In this haircut, the hair on the head is trimmed, and the hair surrounding the face and feet is clipped properly. This resembles a poodle top knot. For a unique appearance, the tail and ear hairs are kept long.

This trendy haircut is very easy to maintain because the hair becomes short. This does not require regular visits to the hair groomer. It does not require regular grooming, but it is advised to brush their hair regularly at home.

The Summer Cut

The summer cut will change the look of your Miniature Goldendoodle. This haircut is typically between a few millimeters to about a quarter of an inch in length. This makes it a manageable haircut. This hairstyle is especially for those pups who love to enjoy outdoor activities as compared to indoor activities.

It’s a short and clippered hairstyle.  The most manageable haircut, said the groomers. The summer cut can be easily managed at home. It just needs regular brushing to be maintained. 

The Kennel Cut

When it comes to the most manageable haircut, the kennel cut is on top of them. If you don’t have enough time and money to manage a haircut for your mini puppy, then this is your sign to get a kennel cut done. It is the best haircut for your dog, especially in the summer, as it will keep them cool. This haircut is similar to the summer cut.

In this haircut, the coat all over the body is trimmed to a uniform length. This also includes the head, ears, and tail. Though it might not look unique, it can be easily managed.

The Lamb Cut

This cute haircut will make your Miniature Goldendoodle look like a newborn lamb. It makes their personality unique and eye-catching. In this haircut, all the hair on the body is clipped from short to medium in length. The longer hairs are blended over the legs. For the head, tail, and feet, the length is kept according to the preferences of the owner. The hair around the head is trimmed into a round shape. This gives them the look of a lamb.

This ultra-cute and unique haircut does not need much grooming. Regular brushing will keep this haircut maintained.

Haircuts for Miniature Goldendoodle 

The Lion Cut

The lion cut, as the name suggests, will make your puppy look like a lion. If your puppy has a brown or apricot coat, this haircut will surely be a game changer. This haircut is especially for those Miniature Goldendoodles that have a mane.

The hair on the body, tail, and legs is trimmed to a shorter length. But the hair remained longer around the neck, brisket, and from the withers forward. To achieve a lion look, the hair on the mane and the head is kept full. The tail is shaved from the start to almost the end, leaving a pom pom at the end of the tail. The groomers kept the hair on the muzzle and forehead shorter to give a perfect lion-like look.

This haircut can also be managed easily at home. Regular brushing and bathing at least once a week are recommended to keep the coat shiny and silky. The haircut will polish the unique personality of your Miniature Goldendoodle.

The Mohawk Haircut

The mohawk cut will give your Goldendoodle the most cool and unique personality. In this haircut, their hair is left longer from the top of their head to the end of their tails.

You can also go for a full mohawk, where you cut the longer hair short throughout the body and only allow it to reach the middle of the top of their head.

This haircut is comparatively different from other cuts. It requires maintenance, as the hair is left longer according to the owner’s choice.

How to Maintain the Haircuts of Your Miniature Goldendoodle

There are lots of haircuts that might suit your mini puppy You can choose a haircut depending on their coat and your preference. No matter which haircut you choose, your mini puppy will always look elegant. 

Basic haircuts, such as a kennel cut or a puppy haircut, are ideal if you are doing this for the first time. Go for a basic and simple haircut that does not require much maintenance. 

If you can manage regular maintenance and grooming, go for longer lengths. Longer lengths can be tagged as complex haircuts, including poodle or mohawk haircuts.

These haircuts are quite complex to maintain. They need regular brushing and also need a professional grooming session every 9 to 10 weeks. Frequent visits to professional groomers might be very expensive for you. We suggest you go for a basic haircut, as it is very easy to manage at home.

Moreover, you should add high-quality brand foods to their diet. Avoid preservatives, they can affect their health. Also, it is advised to use chemical-free shampoo for your mini companion. You can also consult the vet before using any shampoo. Always use high-quality pet shampoos that keep their coat healthy and silky.


In a nutshell, choosing the perfect haircut for your Miniature Goldendoodle can be tricky, especially if you are choosing it for the first time. There are many haircuts for these lovable puppies. These haircuts and grooming keep their hair and coat silky and shiny. It is also essential to prevent tangling of the hair and different skin allergies.

As these puppies do not shed much, their hair grows faster than that of other dog breeds. So they need regular grooming and haircuts. You may choose any of the haircuts mentioned in the above article, depending on your preferences and the personality of your puppy.

As far as we have mentioned, the most popular and trending haircuts for these furry companions. We have also mentioned grooming requirements for each haircut. It is recommended to brush their hair regularly and visit a professional groomer to get it trimmed. If you want to learn more about this designer breed, you may visit our website. Happy reading!

 Frequently Asked Questions

In the following section, we have mentioned some of the most frequently asked questions about the haircuts for Miniature Goldendoodles. This may also help you choose the perfect haircut for your mini puppy.

What is the best haircut for Miniature Goldendoodle?

There are many haircuts for Miniature Goldendoodles. You may choose any of those, depending on your preference. But if you want to select a manageable and cute haircut, we suggest the teddy bear cut for your puppy.
The teddy bear haircut is a full-body trim between 0.5-2 inches. This haircut gives your puppy a round face with a uniform coat length. Regular maintenance and grooming are required at home.

How often should a Miniature Goldendoodle get a haircut?

Go for a basic and short haircut if you can’t do regular grooming at home. Short lengths need professional grooming and maintenance every 9 to 10 weeks.
If you love longer hair then you can go for a Mohawk haircut. This haircut shows the unique personality of your dog. For long-length hair, professional grooming is essential every 5 to 6 weeks. Moreover, they also need regular brushing and maintenance at home. This will prevent hair tangling and keep the hair healthy and manageable. 

What is a kennel haircut?

The kennel haircut is the most basic and stylish cut. In this haircut, only 1 to 2 inches of hair are left on the body. You can say that is a typical shave-down for your puppy. This is the cheapest and most easy-to-manage haircut. They don’t need regular grooming or frequent professional grooming sessions.

How should a Miniature Goldendoodle be groomed?

Every coat type of Miniature Goldendoodle requires regular grooming at home. Regular brushing is essential to prevent the tangling of hair. Brush the hair of your puppy for 10 to 20 minutes daily. Use a chemical-free shampoo that may not damage their skin. You can also use dry shampoo daily. This will keep their hair and skin shiny and silky.

Enlist some of the popular haircuts for Miniature Goldendoodle.

You can choose any haircut that you want. But make sure to maintain regular grooming to keep their coat shiny and healthy.
Following are some of the top haircuts that people love for their furry companions.
The lion cut
The lamb cut
The poodle cut 
The teddy bear cut
The puppy cut
Round face haircut
The kennel cut

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