Goldendoodle Colors and Patterns: The Pinwheel of Doodle Coats 

Goldendoodle Colors and Patterns

Goldendoodle Colors and Patterns:

Goldendoodles, the beloved crossbreed between Golden Retrievers and Poodles, are renowned for their diverse and captivating coat colors and patterns. These fluffy, curly-haired companions come in a wide array of hues and designs, creating a true pinwheel of doodle coats. Understanding the different Goldendoodle color variations can help prospective owners find the perfect pup to suit their preferences.

Solid Colors

Goldendoodles can showcase solid coat colors, ranging from the classic golden retriever shades to the more uncommon hues. Some of the most common solid colors include:


Ranging from light honey to deep, rich amber tones, the golden Goldendoodle is a classic and beloved option. These pups capture the warmth and radiance of their Golden Retriever ancestors, with a soft, fluffy coat that shimmers in the sunlight. Golden Goldendoodles are often the go-to choice for those seeking the quintessential doodle look, with a friendly and affectionate temperament to match.


Soft, pale shades that can appear almost white, cream Goldendoodles exude a gentle, angelic charm. These pups possess a delicate, ethereal beauty, with coats that can range from a delicate ivory to a slightly warmer, off-white hue. Cream Goldendoodles often have a calming, serene presence, making them wonderful companions for families and individuals alike.


Warm, peachy tones that add a touch of vibrancy, apricot Goldendoodles are a stunning and unique variation. These pups possess a vibrant, almost glowing coat that can range from a soft, pastel peach to a more intense, coral-like hue. Apricot Goldendoodles often have a lively, energetic personality to match their captivating appearance.


Ranging from deep, coppery reds to bright, fiery hues, red Goldendoodles are a bold and eye-catching option. These pups channel the fiery spirit of their Poodle ancestors, with coats that can appear almost flame-like in the right lighting. Red Goldendoodles often have a confident, spirited temperament, making them excellent companions for active families and individuals.


Sleek, onyx-like coats that create a striking contrast, black Goldendoodles are a rarer and more dramatic variation. These pups possess a sophisticated, elegant appearance, with a coat that can appear almost jet-black or have subtle undertones of charcoal or slate. Black Goldendoodles often have a calm, reserved demeanor, making them well-suited for owners who appreciate a more subdued, refined companion.


Parti-colored Goldendoodles display a combination of two or more distinct colors, often creating a striking and unique appearance. These patterns can include:


A coat with large, distinct patches of color, such as white and golden or white and black, parti Goldendoodles are a true showstopper. These pups possess a bold, eye-catching appearance, with clearly defined areas of contrasting hues. Parti Goldendoodles often have a playful, outgoing personality to match their vibrant coats.


A coat with tan or gold markings on a darker base color, like black or chocolate, phantom Goldendoodles have a more subtle, yet equally captivating appearance. These pups possess a striking contrast between their base color and the warm, earthy tones of their markings. Phantom Goldendoodles often have a calm, gentle demeanor, making them excellent family companions.


A coat with a striped or streaked pattern, blending two or more colors together, brindle Goldendoodles are a unique and mesmerizing variation. These pups possess a coat that appears to be “painted” with stripes of different hues, creating a dynamic, almost tiger-like effect. Brindle Goldendoodles often have a curious, adventurous personality, eager to explore the world around them.


Sable Goldendoodles exhibit a unique and captivating coat pattern. These pups have individual hairs that are tipped with a darker color, creating a shimmering, multi-toned effect. Sable Goldendoodles can range from subtle, soft hues to bold, dramatic contrasts.

Subtle Sable

In the more subtle sable Goldendoodles, the darker tips may be barely noticeable, creating a gentle, almost ombre-like effect. These pups possess a coat that appears to be a single, harmonious shade, with a slight shimmer or depth that catches the light. Subtle sable Goldendoodles often have a calm, easygoing temperament, blending seamlessly into their surroundings.

Bold Sable

On the other hand, bold sable Goldendoodles showcase a more pronounced contrast between the lighter base and the darker tips. These pups can have a coat that appears almost two-toned, with a striking interplay of light and dark hues. Bold sable Goldendoodles often have a more energetic, lively personality, eager to engage with their owners and explore their environment.


The merle pattern in Goldendoodles is a striking and sought-after design. These coats feature a mottled, marbled appearance, with patches of color interspersed throughout a lighter base. Merle Goldendoodles can showcase a variety of color combinations, from subtle grays and blues to vibrant reds and oranges.

Subdued Merle

In the more subdued merle Goldendoodles, the pattern may appear as a soft, almost cloudy effect, with muted tones of gray, blue, or even beige. These pups possess a serene, almost ethereal beauty, with a coat that seems to shift and change in the light. Subdued merle Goldendoodles often have a calm, gentle temperament, making them excellent companions for families and individuals seeking a more low-key, relaxed pup.

Bold Merle

On the other end of the spectrum, bold merle Goldendoodles showcase a more dramatic, high-contrast pattern. These pups can have coats that appear almost speckled or marbled, with bold splashes of color against a lighter base. Bold merle Goldendoodles often have a more energetic, lively personality, eager to engage with their owners and explore their surroundings. Their striking appearance can be a true showstopper, drawing admiring glances from all who encounter them.


Tuxedo Goldendoodles display a distinctive pattern, with a solid-colored body and a clear, defined white “bib” or “chest” area. This striking contrast creates a dapper, formal appearance, reminiscent of a tuxedo.

Tuxedo Goldendoodles can showcase a variety of base colors, from the classic golden hues to the more uncommon shades of black or chocolate. Regardless of the base color, the stark white bib or chest area creates a bold, attention-grabbing contrast that sets these pups apart. Tuxedo Goldendoodles often have a confident, outgoing personality, eager to showcase their unique and stylish appearance to the world.

The endless possibilities of Goldendoodle coat colors and patterns make these pups truly unique and captivating companions. Whether you’re drawn to the classic golden hues, the bold parti-colors, or the mesmerizing merle designs, there’s a Goldendoodle out there to capture your heart.

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